How to connect

Connection options for agencies and trading desks

You can access Coull inventory via your programmatic buying platform partner of choice, provided they are connected to the Coull marketplace. For details see our marketplace partners section.

Connection options for programmatic platforms

You can arrange a server-to-server OpenRTB connection between your own OpenRTB exchange and Coull Exchange.

You can also access Coull inventory via our marketplace partners, through your existing connections. All marketplace deals are available via both these buying channels.

Alternatively, you may connect via VAST or VPAID tag. Deal types will need to be administered within the specific partner’s product. Deal ID can be included in connecting tags and passed to your Coull account manager for implementation.

Finally, for OverStream inventory only, your header bidding product can be included within, or alongside, our Prebid.js header bidding wrapper. This will give you first look on all OverStream inventory. For more details, see our header bidder connection section.

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