Coull inventory types and creative specifications

Coull offer our demand partners the opportunity to purchase unique video inventory types in both singular and combined forms.

Inventory types

The following inventory types can be bought from the Coull marketplace:



Linear video ads that play before, during or after the video content (Pre/Mid/Post-Roll).


OverStream ads are non-linear video ads that typically display in the video player whilst the content plays. Example ad types include Banner and Minimising MPU.


OnPause ads are a way to take advantage of the full video player window and deliver a high impact image or rich-media ad, at a non-interruptive moment, when the user pauses the video content.

Inventory type Supported file formats Supported dimensions
InStream MP4, WEBM, OGG, Javascript VPAID No dimension restrictions
OverStream GIF, JPG, PNG, Javascript VPAID, Rich-media* 320x50, 468x60, 728x90, 300x250, Custom**
OnPause GIF, JPG, PNG, Javascript VPAID, Rich media* 300x250, Custom**

*Rich-media creative types are supported and can be planned with your Coull demand partner account manager.

**Custom sizes available. Consult your Coull demand partner account manager for planning your custom execution.


Coull’s proprietary technology allows you to take advantage of unique combined inventory types:


Delivers an InStream video ad followed by an additional creative from your campaign to the same video stream (and user). For example, an InStream ad followed an OverStream or OnPause call to action.

Video player plugin (beta)

Allows publishers to offer even more flexible combined inventory types, in any configuration within a single video stream. Custom defined ad triggers, such as timeline cue points, user interaction with the video and other engagement based events can also be implemented.

You can purchase Coull inventory for your campaigns using one of our marketplace deals. To do so, contact your Coull account manager or see how to get support.

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