Ads.txt stands for Authorized Digital Sellers. It increases transparency in the programmatic advertising ecosystem by allowing publishers and distributors to publicly declare the companies they authorize to sell their digital inventory. Coull strongly support the ads.txt project as a partner to the IAB.

When you begin working with us, we will ask you to update your ads.txt file with a new section from Coull, containing seller authorization details for Coull and our approved reselling partners.

This process will be easily managed between you and your account manager.

Ongoing, you may be asked by your account manager to update the Coull section of your ads.txt file. This will likely be due to new demand partners connecting to the Coull marketplace.

By aiding us with the above, you will be helping Coull to uphold transparency and security throughout our supply chain to our advertising partners. This will increase the trustworthiness of your inventory and you will reap greater revenues in return.

For further information about ads.txt, see the IAB’s ads.txt website.

To discuss your ads.txt file, contact your account manager or see how to get support.

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