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How to set up OverStream Banner on JW Player using a VPAID tag

This is a two step process, whereby you create an ad-schedule and then assign the scedule to a player, which can then be used for your desired content.

Create an Ad Schedule

  1. Navigate to Ad Schedules under the Monetize section on the left.
  2. Click on New Ad Schedule and add a suitable name.
  3. Select VAST as the ad manager.
  4. Now click on the + icon next to Midroll.
  5. Add your Coull OverStream tag and check This is a non-linear ad box to enable the non-linear format.
  6. Use the Break Timing field to set how many seconds into the video the OverStream ad appears (we recommend 5 seconds).
  7. Finally, click Save in the top-right to save the schedule.
Further information on these ad-schedules is available in the JW Player documentation

Assigning the Ad Schedule to a player

  1. Navigate to Players in the Publish section.
  2. Click Create New Player to create a new Player. (If you would like to apply the schedule to an existing player, open the desired player and jump to step 5)
  3. Name your new Player (preferably with OverStream in the title for clarity).
  4. Complete all the other relevant steps (relevant to your business requirements).
  5. Click the MONETIZE tab to expand advertising options and turn the Advertising switch On. (If using a version 7 player, this is done via the ADVERTISING header).
  6. Select the OverStream Ad Schedule you created and click Save Changes.

From here on you can assign this Player to video content, whether that be using embed code or a plug-in.

If you have any issues with setting up OverStream, please see how to get support.

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