Coull products for publishers

Coull offer publishers a marketplace for selling linear and non-linear video inventory to reputable brands and their agencies.

Inventory types

The following inventory types can be sold through the Coull marketplace:



Linear video ads that play before, during or after the video content (Pre/Mid/Post-Roll).


OverStream ads are non-linear video ads that typically display in the video player whilst the content plays. Example ad types include Banner and Minimising MPU.


OnPause ads are a way to take advantage of the full video player window and deliver a high impact image or rich-media advertisement, at a non-interruptive moment, when the user pauses the video content.

Note, the video player plugin integration type is a requirement of this inventory type.


Coull’s proprietary technology allows you to take advantage of unique combined inventory types:


DoubleUp combines InStream with OverStream or OnPause inventory to create a premium combined inventory type.

Video player plugin (beta)

Allows you to offer even more flexible combined inventory types, in any configuration within a single video stream. Custom defined ad triggers, such as timeline cue points, user interaction with the video and other engagement based events can also be implemented.

Note, the video player plugin integration type is a requirement of this inventory type.

Integration types

The Coull marketplace provides the following integration types:


Connect to Coull with URL tags that are easy to integrate and require no developer resources. Coull VPAID ad tags support InStream and OverStream inventory types for desktop and mobile web.

These inventory types can be sold singularly or combined as the DoubleUp inventory type.

Plugin (beta)

Use of Coull’s plugin is ideal for publishers who want to simplify their integration, enable all singular inventory types and take advantage of additional inventory types such as OnPause.

It also enables DoubleUp and additional combined inventory types to be delivered on your video player for even higher sales premiums.


The inventory types that you want to implement will determine the integration types you will need. You will also need to check that your video player is supported. You can do this by checking out our product support guidance.

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